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Unit 8: Advanced Options Answers.

Lesson 1: Custom Accessibility Settings, SECTION 4, Exercises.

  1. Your student is unable to perform the Activate gesture fast enough. What can you try?
  2. With iOS 9 and later, enter the Voiceover Options Screen and increment the "double-tap Timeout by 0.05 seconds until they can successfully do the double-tap.

  3. Your student gets confused as to whether Siri, or Voiceover is speaking. What is one option that may help.
  4. This can be a subtle, but important, distinction. Remember that Siri responds to commands, while Voiceover simply reads what's on screen. When Siri speaks, it temporarily hides the app that you were working in, and you need to press the Home button to get back to it.

    You can Press the Speech button under the Voiceover Options Screen. Then change the default voice to a different dialect. It will be much easier to hear the difference if you choose a voice with a different gender from what Siri sounds like.

    Alternatively, with iOS9 and later you can also go to the Siri settings under General and adjust the "Siri Voice" setting to another dialect and/or gender.

  5. Your student has trouble remembering what gesture to make when certain items are selected. How can you get Voiceover to suggest possibilities?
  6. You can go to the Voiceover Options Screen and toggle the, "hints," setting to On. If you only want hints enabled some of the time, you can use the Rotor and Add the Hints Function to the Rotor.

  7. Your low vision student is unable to see which item is the Current Item while using Voiceover. What setting can help?
  8. You can make the Current Item easier to see by turning on the Large Cursor option. It's located near the bottom of the Voiceover Options Screen.

  9. You have a student who can see black and white easier than colors. What can you do?
  10. You can turn on the Greyscale setting, which is located under the vision Heading of the Accessibility Options Screen.

  11. Your student would like audible descriptions of videos. How can you set this up, and what should the student know?
  12. Under the Media heading of the Accessibility Options Screen is a toggle button for "Audio Descriptions," which you can toggle to the On setting. Remember that the media content provider must provide the Audio descriptions for your iOS Device to play. None of the streaming media services such as Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime are currently providing this content for more than a fraction of their offerings.

  13. Your students family members sometimes use his or her iOS Device. They sometimes forget to turn Voiceover back on, and your student doesn't have a good internet connection from home. What can you do to ensure they can turn on Voiceover by themselves without having to wait for assistance?
  14. Siri does not work properly without a 3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi internet connection, and someone who needs Voiceover is unable to navigate through the settings menus when it is off. So you must set the Accessibility Shortcut Setting so that the tripple clicking the Home button will activate Voiceover.

    When you use the Activate gesture on the Accessibility Shortcut button in the Accessibility Options Screen, you must deselect all the options except Voiceover. Otherwise tripple clicking the Home button will produce a menu of options which Voiceover will not read, because it isn't on yet.

  15. Voiceover is speaking too fast or too slow. How can you teach your student to fix this?
  16. There are two ways of addressing this. The first is to go to the Voiceover Options Screen and adjust the default speaking rate for the current voice by using the Increment and Decrement gestures on the Speaking Rate Picker Item.

    The second way is to use the Speech Rate Function of the Rotor. You may have to Add it to the Rotor before it can be used.

    Remember that the speech rate is stored separately for each voice/dialect. If you change voices often, you will have to set the speech rate for each one.

  17. Your student wants to use the rotor to change the Voiceover voice. What steps are necessary to do this?
    1. Press the Speech button under the Voiceover Options Screen.
    2. Use the "Add New Language" button to add any languages to the Rotor that aren't in the list. If the standard voices are hard to understand, you can add Enhanced Voices.
    3. Press the Back button to go back to the Voiceover Options Screen
    4. Press the Rotor button.
    5. Use the Select gesture on the "Language" option. So it appears when the rotor is Dialed.
  18. Can you exzplain to your student why Voiceover keeps changing pitch, and how this can be turned off if the student finds this distracting?
  19. By default Voiceover speaks capital letters and capitalized words in a higher pitched Voice. When yu delete, Voiceover speaks what you delete in a slightly lower pitched voice. If you don't like this, you can go to the Voiceover Options Screen and toggle the "Use Pitch Change" setting to Off.

  20. Your student has a small business with a toll free number for clients. At the bottom of many emails, but not all, he or she often includes the phrase, "For further assistance, please call (800) 123-4567." How can they make it so they don't have to type the phrase every time?
    1. Go to the General Settings Screen and press the Keyboard button.
    2. Press the button.
    3. Press the "Add" button.
    4. In the, "Phrase," Text Field, type or dictate the phrase, "For further assistance, please call (800) 123-4567."
    5. In the Shortcut Text Field type a letter combination such as F, F, A, without the commas.
    6. Type"f,f,a," at the end of a text message or email, and the letters will automatically be replaced by the full phrase.

    IMPORTANT! Remember not to use a letter combination that makes a word, or is a common abbreviation such as kg or VCR.

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