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Unit 4: Lesson 1: SECTION 9, Exercises.

  1. When working with the Mail app, how many Email addresses Are associated with one account?
  2. There is only one email address associated with each account.

  3. Go to the Settings Main Screen, and activate the "Sounds" button. Use the search function of the Item chooser to find all items with the letter s followed by the letter o in their names. Activate the appropriate item and change the sound your device plays when new email is received.
  4. From the Home Screen you can use the Explore or Next/Previous Item gestures to find the Settings icon. Use one of an Activate gestures when the Settings icon is the current item to launch the Settings application. Then find and activate the "Sounds" button. Now use the Item Chooser gesture, a two finger Triple tap, to bring up the item chooser.

    When the item chooser is displayed, activate the search field and put in the letters "A" and "I", then look at the list. You should see at least four buttons; "air air drop", "New Mail", "Send Mail", "Voicemail."

    Activate the "New Mail" button to change the sound your iOS Device makes when you get a new mail message. There's a lot of sounds to choose from. So take your time and have some fun.

  5. What are the steps to get from the Home Screen to the screen to set up a new Mail account?
  6. First, Activate the Settings icon. Second, find the "Mail, Contacts and Calendars" button. Third, Activate the Accounts button.

  7. Try setting message preview to “none."
  8. You do this from the "Mail, Contacts and Calendars screen which you visited in the previous question. Find and activate the Preview button and choose "None" from the list ofoptions. Then use the "Back" button to back out of the screens, or go to the App Switcher and close the Settings application.

  9. What is a signature, and how can you replace Apples default signature for all accounts?
  10. A signature is a standard block of text that appears at the end of any message you send. To override Apple's default "sent from my iOS Device go to the "Mail, Contacts and Calendars" screen in the Settings application, and Activate the "Signature" button.

    If you are managing multiple email accounts from your iOS Device, you can set them to all have the same signature block, or you can have a separate signature block for each account.