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Unit 6: Calendar and Reminders Setup, SECTION 8, Exercises.

  1. What command can you give Siri to open the Calendar Settings Screen? What other two application setup screens are in the same place?
  2. You can say to Siri, "Show Calendar Settings," and Siri will open the Mail, Calendar and Contacts Settings Screen. Mail and Contacts share the same setup screen as Calendar. If Siri is unavailable, you can find these settings in the main settings list under "Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

  3. How many Time Views does the Calendar have?
  4. The calendar has five time views. They are; Day, Week, Month, Year, and the Events List View. They are detailed in Section 5 of the Calendar and Reminders Setup lesson.

  5. What day of the week was January 1st 2000?
  6. The first day of the new Millennium was a Saturday. You can use the Calendar app to determine this by following these steps:

    1. Launch the Calendar App.
    2. Go to the Year View.
    3. Use the Previous Year gesture until you reach year 2,000.
    4. Use an Activate gesture on the month of January.
    5. Explore the Month TimeView until Siri announces the day and date of the first of January.

    Of course, if you have a good 3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi connection, you can simply ask Siri, "What day was January 1st, 2000."

  7. What is the fastest way to jump back to the current date?
  8. You can use the "Today" button at the bottom left corner of the Year, Month, Day, or Events List Timeview. If you are in the Week Timeview, switch to one of these other timeviews first, and then use the Today button.

  9. What are the first three events, if any, listed on your calendar for the month after next? What were the steps you used to find out
  10. One way to find this out is go to the Events List Timeview and then use the Next and Previous Screengestures to move to the appropriate time in the list. You could also display the next month in the Month Timeview, and switch to the Events List Timeview from there.

  11. How can you determine whether to put something in the calendar as an event, or in Reminders as a task?
  12. Events are appointments or special times that you might want to keep track of on your calendar. Each event has a defined start and end time. Examples include weekly meetings, a friend or family member's birthday, your two week vacation, or a medical appointment. Tasks are usually more mundane things like taking out the trash on Wednesdays, picking up coffee and milk on the way home, or taking some medicine at a particular time each day. It's best to track events in the calendar app, while tasks are usually tracked in the reminders app. They will both sound alerts when the particular time for the event or task is nearing.

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