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Phone Lessons Answer Key

SECTION 10: Answers.

  1. What are the steps to get to the Settings Screen where you can set the default Ringtones?
    1. Display the Home Screen and Activate the Settings icon.
    2. From the Settings Screen make the "Sounds" button the Current Item and Activate it.
    3. With the "Sounds Screen" displayed make the "Ringtones" button the Current Item and Select it.
  2. If you want to silence an incoming call, but not send the caller to Voicemail, what can you do?
  3. To silence the ringer on an incoming call press the Wake/Sleep button once. This will silence your iOS Device. The caller will still here the call ringing until it goes to Voicemail. . You can still pick up the phone until the transfer to Voicemail.

  4. How do you put a call on Mute? What is the difference between Mute and Hold?
  5. When a call is on hold, all communications between the two parties are suspended. Neither party can hear the other. When a call is on mute, the other party cannot hear you, but you can hear the other party. This is helpful when your on a conference call and the background noise where you are might be distracting to the other participants. To put a call on mute press the button near the bottom right of the screen to hide the keyboard, then press the Mute button. You can confirm you are muted by Exploring until you find the button again. If VoiceOver says, "Selected, mute," then you are on mute. Don't forget to press the button again when you want to speak.

  6. If you have a caller on the phone, and a second caller dials in, how do you answer the second call without hanging up on the first caller?
  7. Explore the screen until you find the "Hold and Accept" button. Pressing this button puts the first caller on hold, and picks up the call from the second caller.

  8. What are the steps to alternate between two simultaneous callers?
  9. First, find and press the "Hide" button. This hides the keyboard and displays the Call Options Screen. Second, press the "Swap" button. If's the middle button on the bottom row just below the center of the screen. Keep pressing the Swap button to alternate between the calls.

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