VoiceoverEasy.net courses are tutorials geared toward blind and visually impaired users of iPhones and iPads with Siri capability, and who use Apple Corporation's accessibility technology called Voiceover to read the screen of their device.

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Gesture List

Gestures are made by moving one or more fingers around the screen, or by tapping with one or more fingers. They form a language VoiceOver uses to control your iOS Device. The folowing table lists all the gestures presented in the lessons at VoiceOverEasy.net. Gestures are listed in the order in which they were presented in the lessons.

Context Sensitive Gestures.

Sometimes the same gesture can have different meanings depending on what’s going on at the time. For example, the Single Finger Double Tap is the activate gesture on the Home Screen or Dock, and when the Current Item is a button, but it’s the Start/End of Field gesture in an active Text Field. The Three Finger Flick up is the Close App gesture in the App Switcher, but it’s the Next Screen gesture everywhere else. These are called Context Sensitive gestures. The context column in the table below indicates the times at which each gesture can be performed.

You can filter the list by changing the options below. For example, change the "Number of fingers " option to 1 to see only gestures involving one finger. Change the "Gesture Type" option to "Double Tap" to see all gestures involving two taps. Change them both and you will see only gestures that are made with a single finger double tap. This helps to illustrate the context sensitive nature of most gestures.


Gesture Name. Motion. Function. Context. Defined In.
Activate. Single Finger Double Tap,
or Split Tap,
Activates an icon, presses a button, or puts a Text Field into edit mode.

The Split Tap gesture is made by holding one finger on the item you want to activate, and then tapping the display anywhere with one of your other fingers. The two fingers don't have to be from the same hand. For example, you can find the item you want to activate with a finger from your dominant hand, and use a finger from your other hand to complete the Split Tap gesture.

Any Time except in active text field. VoiceOver Basics: Lesson 2,Sections 3.1 - 3.3
Jump to Top. Explore then Single Finger Double Tap. This gesture jumps to the top of a long list. While the list is displayed, make an icon in the Status Bar the Current Item and quickly Single Finger Double Tap anywhere onthe display. Anytime, when a list of items is displayed. VoiceOver Basics: Lesson 2, Section 5.4
Select. Single Finger Double Tap,
or Split Tap,
Selects one or more options from a List item, or menu.
Selects a word in an active text field.
Selects an item from the Item Chooser.
Selecting Items from a list is different from Activating them. Selected items are not acted upon immediately. They are simply marked for some action in the immediate future such as being moved or deleted.
Any active text field, the Item Chooser, some menus and lists. Email: Lesson 1, Section 3.1

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