VoiceoverEasy.net courses are tutorials geared toward blind and visually impaired users of iPhones and iPads with Siri capability, and who use Apple Corporation's accessibility technology called Voiceover to read the screen of their device.

Debug Label
Str1 = HELP, Str2 = PREVIOUSELEMENT, StrFingerMatch = 1F*, ddlFingerMatch = *, strGestureType = FL*, ddlGestureType = *
Gesture Name. Motion. Function. Context. Defined In.
VoiceOver Help. Four Finger Double Tap. Turns VoiceOver gesture help/practice on. This mode can be used to practice the timing and motion of gestures, or to find out if there is a VoiceOver command that matches a particular gesture. For example, if a gesture is made, and VoiceOver is silent, then the gesture being made is not a valid VoiceOver gesture. Any Time. VoiceOver Basics: Lesson 1, Section 8.3

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