Debug Label
Str1 = SETMODE, Str2 = PREVIOUSELEMENT, StrFingerMatch = 1F*, ddlFingerMatch = *, strGestureType = FL*, ddlGestureType = *
Gesture Name. Motion. Function. Context. Defined In.
Set Mode. Single Finger Flick Up, or Single Finger Flick Down. .

Changes the behavior of your iOS Device, For example, Increases/Decreases volume and speech rate, Turns Hints on and off, Changes typing mode...

When the Rotor is set to the Actions Function, this gesture changes the effect of the single finger double tap. For example rather than Activating an item, it may delete it instead.

When the Rotor is dialed to a Behavioral Function. VoiceOver Basics: Lesson 3, Section 5.1

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