Debug Label

The Current Item.

This concept was introduced in Section 7 of VoiceOver Basics, Lesson 1. Apple calls this item the “Selected Item. However, that can cause some confusion when working with lists of items. So the term "Current Item" has been adopted by Some people also refer to this as the "Focused Item," because it will be the focus of your next action.

The last item spoken by VoiceOver is the Current Item. This is important, because your device will act on the last item VoiceOver spoke, no matter where you perform the next gesture.

Voiceover always surrounds the current item with a black box. This may help low vision users to track it. There is a common mistake made by low vision users who operate their iOS Device with Voiceover on. They will often look for the button they want to press and double tap it without making sure the small black box is around it to indicate that the button they want is the Current Item. Remember with Voiceover the object that is the Current Item is the one acted on, not the object that you tap.

For example, suppose there is a screen with a large Text Field followed by a Cancel button and then a Save button. You enter a large amount of text in the field, and use the Next Item gesture to exit the Text Field. This makes the Cancel button the new Current Item. Now you look at the display and see the Save button. You double tap it. Unfortunately, since the Current Item was the Cancel button, all your work is gone! You should have made the Save button the Current Item before doing the double tap.

It should be noted that there is one variation on the rule just stated. When you activate a text field for editing, any keystrokes you type always are entered into the activated field, even though the Current Item has been changed to something else.

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