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Item Name. Description. Defined in.
Text Field. This item allows entry of text like a name, telephone number, email or comment. If the text field is in an app running on the iOS Device, then the field must be activated first with an Activate gesture. VoiceOver will announce the items name and “text field as the type, and then say “is editing to indicate that’s where the next character will be typed. Text fields on web pages often activate automatically. Text fields on web pages are often described as "Edit Boxes,""Text boxes," or "Input boxes." Examples of text fields on web pages include; username an password fields, search fields, and anywhere else that accepts typed characters.
Formatted text fields can support special text like bold, italicized and underlined. Some can even hold pictures or videos like a web page or Email message. Unformatted fields support only plain upper and lower case letters as well as numbers, signs and punctuation.
VoiceOver Basics: Lesson 2, Section 6.1

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