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Function Type: Navigational.

Default Option: Yes

Description: This rotor function causes the Move Forward and Backward gestures to move the insert position one character at a time through Text Fields, and documents. It is very useful when VoiceOver's pronunciation of any Home Screen, web page or application screen item is difficult to understand.

Discussed In:

Adding Functions to the Rotor.

Follow these steps to add the Characters function to the rotor.

  1. Launch the Settings Application from theHome Screen.
  2. Pressthe "General"button, which is located in the Settings main menu.
  3. Press the "Accessibility" options button.
  4. Press the "VoiceOver" options button.
  5. Press the "Rotor" options button.
  6. Locate the Characters function.
  7. As youExploreover each option, Voiceover will say, "Selected," before some, but not others. When Voiceover says "Selected," it means that the option will appear on the Rotor.

    If you use theNext and Previous Item gestures you will hear the item first, but if you do another next Item gesture, Voiceover will say, "Reorder," followed by the Item Name. This button allows you to use theDrag Gestureto change the order of the item in the list.

  8. If Voiceover didn't say, "Selected," use theSelect gestureto add the Characters function to the rotor.

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