VoiceoverEasy.net courses are tutorials geared toward blind and visually impaired users of iPhones and iPads with Siri capability, and who use Apple Corporation's accessibility technology called Voiceover to read the screen of their device.

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What's New at VoiceOverEasy.net

The table below describes changes made to VoiceOverEasy.net since it's initial release on June 26, 2014. The changes are listed in order from the newest to the oldest. Drop by this page when you want to find out what's new since your last visit.

Date Posted. Description.
11/24/2016 In Lesson 1: Orientation and Basics sections 4 and 5 have been rewritten to include information about locking and unlocking your iOS Device. Also, the term Button has been defined, and the Activate gesture has been defined.
11/24/2016 Section 2.8 was added to Lesson 1, Orientation and basics to describe the locations of the Front and Rear Facing Cameras.
9/26/2016. iPhone 7 and 7+ have been added as choices in the Device Selector.
9/26/2016. Unit 1: Lesson 3, Editing Text is now iOS 10 compatible. It has also been updated to be clearer for iPad users.

Error corrections:

Section 5.3 indicated that the volume function of the rotor affected music, ringers, alerts and other sounds. This has been corrected. This function only affects Voiceover.

Section 6.3 indicated that the insertion point could be moved by touching another spot in the active Text Field. This is incorrect, and has been updated to show using the Characters, Words and Lines functions of the rotor to move the insertion point and deselect text.

9/26/2016. Unit 1: Lesson 2, Working with Apps is now iOS 10 compatible. It has also been updated to be clearer for iPad users.
Two new gestures have also been added to Section 4.7. They are the Next and Previous App gestures.
9/16/2016. A new unit called Advanced Options has been added to VoiceoverEasy.net. It has two lessons in it, with more on the way.

Lesson 1 reviews many of the Accessibility settings, which may make it easier for you to use Voiceover and your iOS Device.

Lesson 2 discussesOther Input Methods available on your iOS Device in addition to the typing keyboard. Handwriting Mode and Braille Screen Input may provide a faster alternative to keyboarding, and they provide a more secure method of entering passcodes.
9/16/2016. You can now select iOS 10 as your operating system. Lessons are being updated over the next month to reflect changes with the new iOS. You can tell which lessons have been updated by checking this page, or by checking at the top of each lesson. There you will find a statement like, "For iOS 8, 9, and 10."
9/16/2016. Unit 1: Lesson1, Orientation and Basics has been updated for iOS 10.
8/16/2016. A new section on typing special characters was added toUnit 1: Lesson 3, Editing Text.
7/28/2016 The device setter at the top right of each VoiceoverEasy.net web page has now been updated to allow more specific choices of iPad models. This has a small impact on lessons written so far, but the change was necessary to prepare for future lessons. You may wish to choose your specific model of iPad now to be prepared.
7/28/2016 The Unit 7: Securing Your iOS Device lesson has been updated to reflect changes in iOS 9 for setting a complex passcode.
7/28/2016 The Unit 7: Securing Your iOS Device lesson has also been updated to discuss the Find My iPhone" app in more detail. See section 4.5.
7/28/2016 Unit 5, Lets Talk, Siri, Section 3.2 has been updated to indicate the iPhone 6s and 6s+ no longer need to be plugged in for "Hey Siri" to work.
7/11/2016 The iPhone 6S, 6S+ and 6SE have been added to the available Device types in the drop down list.
7/11/2016 Information about the new 3d Touch feature of the iPhone 6s and 6s+ has been added to these sections.

  1. Unit 1: Orientation and Basics, Section 1.3.
  2. Unit 1: Working with Apps, Section 4.1
  3. Unit 2: Managing Contacts, Section 5.6
  4. Unit 3: Phone Basics, Section 5.2

NOTE: Your device type must be set to a device which supports 3d Touch in order for you to see these sections, and your iOS version must be set to iOS 9 or higher.

7/11/2016 The two finger scrub gesture was added to the first lesson, Orientation and Basics. See Section 8.4.

In iOS9 Apple has changed the way Siri starts on the iPhone. Rather than two bell tones to signal Siri is ready, the iPhone will vibrate twice in succession. This tells you Siri is ready for you to speak. However, the "Hey Siri" function will still sound the double bell tone. It will also vibrate twice when Siri is finished listening.

NOTE: The web site must be set to display text for iPhones, and have the operating system set to iOS 9 or higher to see this update in each of the lessons.

9/20/2015 Units 1 through 6 have been updated for iOS 9!
9/4/2015 A new section was added to the lesson on Text Messaging that demonstrates how to create an iMessage that contains an audio recording. See Section 7.5. This section is only available to iOS8 users and higher.
9/4/2015 The following tip about selecting multiple items from a list was added to the lesson on the mailbox screen, and the Text Messaging lesson.

TIP: When you are selecting multiple items from a list, you may want to use the Split Tap version of the select gesture. Explore down the list with one finger. When you find an item you want to select, Keep your finger stationary and tap anywhere on the display with another finger. The item under your stationary finger becomes selected, and you can continue Exploring the list without having to find your place again.

9/4/2015 A new section was added to Composing Email. Section 3.2 now explains how to use the list of matching email addresses generated when you begin typing a new email address in one of the address fields. This can be a big time saver. VoiceOverEasy recommends that even if you completed this lesson, you might want to go back and take another look at this section.
9/4/2015 Reading Email: Section 6 about Handling attachments was rewritten to be more easily understood.Also, the "Reorder" gesture first introduced in this section has been renamed to the Drag gesture.
9/4/2015 A brief description of the function of the Control Center and how to access it was added to the Glossary.
9/4/2015 For iPad Air 2 users the method for muting their device was added to Orientation and basics, Section 2.3. There is no Mute Switch on these devices.
9/4/2015 The Jump to Top gesture was added to Unit 1, Working with Apps. This gesture allows you to quickly jump to the top of a long list of items
9/4/2015 Creating and Managing Contacts, Section 6 was updated to reflect the ability to edit the Notes field of the Contact Card in View mode.
8/16/2015. A new section on Joining Wireless Networks has been added to Unit 4: Lesson 1, Email Setup, Section 7.
7/3/2015. A new section was added to Unit 3, Lesson 1; Basic Phone Features. Section 5.4 tells iPhone users how to deal with automated menu systems which require the caller to press numbers in response to menu selections. This is tricky while holding the phone to your ear. The new section gives three ways to work around this.
7/1/2015. The VoiceOverEasy.net home page has been updated so that it has a similar format to the Lessons pages. There are now sections just as you see through the rest of the site.
7/1/2015. You no longer have to worry about nnavigating to the drop down list to select your device type. If you have not selected one at the start of each lesson, or if VoiceOver-Easy.net looses track of it, the chance to select it appears right at the beginning of the lesson. If you have already chosen a device type and iOS version, the lesson will tell you at the beginning what it is set up to display.
7/1/2015. A Distribution Authorization Request form has been created for instructors who would like to distribute VoiceOver-Easy.net copyrighted materials. Once you complete the form, it will generate an email message to the web master. You should here within 1 to 3 days if you have been given permission. There is normally no charge to distribute the materials if you do the printing yourself. Please note that you are prohibitted from distributing the courseware in whole or in part in any form without express written permission.

There is a "Show settings and contents" check box at the top of each page. When it is checked, the table of contents and the settings drop down lists are visible on the right side of the page. If you uncheck the box, the table of contents and the rest of the Navigation area is hidden, and the lesson text margins expand to fill the void. This should make it easier to copy the text into a word or PDF document for your reference/use when the web is not available.

NOTE: You may create one copy of each lesson and supplemental materials for your personal use as a student or instructor. You may not distribute copies of these lessons, in whole or in part, through print, braille, audio, electronic, or any other format without the express written permission of VoiceOver-Easy.net. Click here to request permission to distribute lessons.

6/20/2015. Unit 3: Using the Phone has been updated to reflect the new capabilities of the iPad to receive and make phone calls in iOS8. The unit has been renamed to Using Phone Features, and is now visible no matter what device type you are learning about.
6/6/2015. Now you can help improve VoiceOverEasy.net by taking the optional survey at the end of each lesson. Your answers are anonymous, and all comments are welcome. Help to shape the future of VoiceOverEasy.net.
5/26/2015. A new lesson about protecting your privacy has been added. This lesson covers some things you can do with VoiceOver to make it harder for those near you to eavesdrop on what you are doing, as well as some general issues about privacy in the digital age. Click here to read the Privacy Lesson.
5/22/2015. Great News! VoiceOverEasy.net now remembers your settings for Device Type, iOS Version, and Color Scheme from one visit to the next. In other words, you no longer have to reset these settings each time you come back to the site. To do this VoiceOverEasy.net uses a Cookie. Your browser must accept cookies for this feature to work. The cookie used contains no tracking information whatsoever. It cannot be used to track your browsing activities.
5/5/2015 The first lesson in a new unit on Security and Privacy was added. Securing Your iOS Device covers concepts about security in general, and then talks about specific things you can do to protect your iOS Device and its data from loss or theft. We hope you find it informative.

Some Lessons have been updated with new features from iOS 8.3. You will need to select iOS 8.3 from the combo box in order to see the new sections.

4/23/2015 Several site visitors with older browsers or screen readers were having problems because the text from the table of contents was being read interspersed with the text for the lessons. In order to fix this a checkbox has been added above the device selector combo box. If the box is checked, then the settings combo boxes and the table of contents is displayed. If the check is removed, the settings combo boxes and the table of contents are hidden and will no longer interfere with the text of the lessons. When the contents is hidden, you can still use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each lesson to advance to the next lesson or unit.
4/22/2015 Several readers have asked why VoiceOver seems to read information out of order. The following note was added to Section 7.5 of Orientation and Basics and to this page to helpexplain this. Hopefully it doesn't make it worse.

NOTE: In Western Countries reading order is left to right and top to bottom. VoiceOver is actually scanning the display in the same order, but sometimes the Next and Previous Item gestures appear to read the screen in a different order then you would expect after using the Explore gesture. This is because if the item on the right is taller than the item on the left, VoiceOver will encounter it first and read it ahead of the item on the left

For example, the Reminders Application displays your tasks in a list. There's a checkbox on the left side of each row followed by the name of the task to it's right. However, since the Task Name is taller than the check box, VoiceOver will read the item on the right first. The Next Item gesture, a single finger flick right, causes VoiceOver to read the check box second. This could mislead you into thinking the Check box is on the right of the Task Name rather than the left where it really is.

4/22/2015 The On the Clock was added to Unit 6: It's About Time. This lesson teaches you about the Clock application. The Clock App has four functions; a world clock, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and a Timer.

It's About Time is a new unit for VoiceOverEasy.net which consists of three lessons that cover setting up and using the Calendar and Reminders Applications. These Apps help you manage appointments, get reminders of tasks you need to do, and can even provide driving or walking directions to an appointment or event. The Lessons in this unit are:

  1. Calendar and Reminders Setup and Layout
  2. Using the Calendar Application.
  3. Using the Reminders Application.
We hope you find them useful. Enjoy!

3/30/2015 VoiceOverEasy.net now uses iOS version 8.2 as the default setting. Note that you must still select the model of iPhone or iPad you wish to learn about.
11/21/2014. The Text Messaging lesson has been added to Unit 4 which has now been renamed "Email and Text Messging." The new lesson is Lesson 5.
11/21/2014. iOS 8 adds Contacts from the Favorites and the Recent Calls List into the App Switcher. If you don't like this, you can review the Glossary entry for the App Switcher for steps to turn this feature off. Follow this link to see how this is done.

Additional Information about the Typing Predictor was added in these locations.

10/05/2014. All lessons have now been updated to reflect changes and enhancements in iOS 8.

Unit 1: Editing Text has been updated to reflect changes in iOS 8. This completes iOS verification for all Unit 1 lessons.

Unit 2, Creating and Managing Contacts has been enhanced to reflect changes in iOS 8.

9/26/2014. The Orientation and Basics and Working with Apps have been verified and enhanced for iOS 8.
9/24/2014. A new feature has been added to allow low vision users to change the color scheme of the website to make it easier to read. The possible color schemes are the default, Black on White, Monochrome Green, Monochrome Orange, White on Black, White on Blue, Yellow on Black, and Yellow on Blue. The monochrome schemes also use a fixed space font just like the original computer monitors used to. The combo box that controls this setting is just below the table of contents near the lower right side of the terminal
9/19/2014. An "iOS 8" option was added to the list of available operating systems. However, as of this post, VoiceOver-Easy.net has not had time to test with iOS 8. While the step by step instructions in most lessons should work fine in iOS 8, there may be some deviations. A notice at the top of each lesson has been added for iOS 8 users to indicate that iOS 8 verification of the instructions in the lesson is either, "pending," "verified," or "enhanced," indicating the lesson has beenupdated with iOS 8 enhancements. If you are using iOS 8, and you experience any issue with the lessons, or if the lessons can be done without deviation, please provide feedback to the web master using the link at the bottom of the page. You, the readers, can greatly speed up the testing process.

Thank you.
The Web Master at VoiceOver-Easy.net.
9/14/2014. The second lesson in Unit 5, Let's Talk has been added, Siri.

You may wonder why we spent so much time learning to do things the hard way instead of using Siri in the first place. The answer is that Siri requires a good connection to the internet. For those times when you can't connect to the internet, you need to know how to get along without Siri. Those times happen more often than you might think. For example, you won't have an internet connection if you are in a plane, in an underground parking garage, camping in the woods, if a storm knocks out your power or cable... So make it a point to always know both ways of completing a task. At VoiceOverEasy.net testing shows Siri works best when the "3G", "4G", or "LTE" status indicators are present. It also works well when your iOS Device is connected to a wireless (WiFi) network.

9/8/2014. Selecting your Device Type and iOS Version:

In order to correct some problems experienced by some users when selecting their device type and iOS version, the process has been modified so that after selecting from the list, you must press or click the "Change" button located immediately to the right of each list. The quickest way to get to the button is to press TAB after making your selection. You can jump right to the lists from this page just as you did from the Home Page.

9/6/2014. Other Resources

This page has some links to other websites which may assist those wanting to learn VoiceOver.

9/4/2014 Dictating Text
This lesson covers how to use Dictation Mode to fill in Text Fields, such as, Form Fields, Text Messages, Email messages, and just about any other place text can be typed with the soft keyboard.
8/22/2014 A Glossary of terms discussed at VoiceOverEasy.net has been added to the References section.
8/4/2014 The Rotor Functions page has been added to the reference section which covers the functions available from the Rotor.
7/20/2014. Using the Phone.

This lesson covers the basics of using your smart phone to actually make and receive calls. You'll learn how to put calls on hold, switch between two callers, add a caller to favorites and much more. This lesson is NOT available for iPad users through the table of contents or the Previous and Next lesson buttons. You must use the link in this table to access the lesson.

7/10/2014 Two reference pages have been added. You can find the links to them at the end of the Contents links. They are A Complete List of gestures discussed on this web site, and a list of item types that can appear on the screen.
7/6/2014 Next Lesson and Previous Lesson buttons have been added to the bottom of each web page to make sequential navigation through the lessons easier. The Home page also has a button at the bottom to start the lessons.
7/6/2014 Update to VoiceOver Basics Lesson 2: Section 5.3

The technique to cancel the Item Chooser without selecting any options was added.

7/6/2014 The What's New page was added to the site.
7/6/2014 Creating and Managing Contacts".

This page details the use of the Contacts application that comes with your iOS Device

. It discusses how to add, edit and delete contacts. How to allow calls and texts from important contacts through the "Do Not Disturb" block, and important security concerns when collecting the information about your contacts


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