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Unit 1: VoiceOver Basics Answers.

Basics Lesson 1: Orientation and Basics, Section 6

  1. What is the difference between Portrait and Landscape orientation?
  2. Your iOS Device is in Landscape Orientation when its long sides are horizontal. To be in Portrait orientation the long sides must be vertical and the "Home" button must be at the bottom of the display.

  3. With your iOS Device held in Portrait orientation, where is the wake/sleep button, and what does it do?
  4. In portrait orientation this button is near the top right corner of the iOS Device. There are three functions of interest here.

    • When your iOS Device is off, holding down this button for several seconds begins the power up sequence. Remember, you will get no audible signal until the end of the boot process. So be patient.
    • Press the button quickly to lock or unlock the screen.
    • Hold the button down to power off your iOS Device.

  5. What technique have we learned so far to turn VoiceOver on and off on your iOS Device?
  6. Hold down the Home button until you here the double bell tone. Then say "VoiceOver on," or "VoiceOver off." When you turn VoiceOver off, Siri may not confirm the action is complete. Your iOS Device may simply stop talking.

  7. What is an icon, and what is a folder? What is the one thing folders can do that other icons cannot?
  8. An icon is a small picture you can Activate to launch a program. VoiceOver will say the name of the program associated with the icon.

    A folder is a special type of icon that can contain other icons. This is useful because similar programs can be put in a single folder. This helps to keep your display organized.

  9. What are VoiceOver gestures? What is the one gesture discussed so far and how do you do it?
  10. Gestures are made by tapping or moving your fingers around the screen. So far we've covered the Explore gesture. Place your finger on the display and move it around while maintaining contact with the screen.

  11. Where is the Status Bar? Use the Explore gesture with your finger. How many items are on it? If your iOS Device supports cellular service, determine how many bars of cellular signal strength you have. How much battery power is left?
  12. The Status bar goes across the top of the active display. You can count the number of items by moving your finger slowly from left to right. Be careful not to drift down below the Status bar. You're iOS Device will "chirp" if you do. If your device has celular capability, the celular signal strength indicator is first on the Status bar. VoiceOver will announce "X of 5 bars." The battery charge indicator is the last item. It's to the right.

  13. How can you adjust the VoiceOver volume using what we’ve talked about so far?
  14. Use the volume buttons on the side of your iOS Device. Remember VoiceOver needs to be speaking when you make the adjustment.

  15. How many items are on the starting page of your Home Screen? Name at least three
  16. You can count them using the explore gesture and moving your finger across each row of the grid.

  17. Where is the Dock? What are its similarities with, and differences from the Home Screen? Name the items on the Dock from left to right.
  18. The dock goes across the bottom of the active display. It is a grid like the Home Screen, but it has only one row. As you change from page to page of the Home Screen, the items in the Dock always remain visible.